We are an independent global provider of solutions and support to the electricity industry. Our mission is to ‘help our clients power the world’. We achieve this through our objectivity, unique mix of services and breadth of technical expertise.

Each of these qualities has enabled us to develop partnerships with our clients the world over; and a reputation for value creation and enduring support.


November 2016 issue of PSC News is out now. Included in this issue:

  • PSC's 20 year involvement in electricity market systems
  • Generator testing, modelling and compliance with Genassure
  • ATCO Canada EMS strategy roadmap
  • PSC attends CIGRE Canada 2016 and the Seoul International Conference on the Electricity Market (SICEM)



PSC assists Power and Water Corporation with Substation Projects

Power and Water Corporation is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution and provides water and sewerage services across the Northern Territory of Australia, an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres.

PSC has recently assisted Power and Water Corporation with two distribution substation projects, a new 66/22kV zone substation at Strangways and a project to build an indoor 22kV substation to replace outdoor 22kV switchgear at the Tennant Creek substation.

PSC staff provided major input on the secondary systems associated with these projects.  The secondary systems involved the installation, configuration, integration and commissioning of: IED’s (Management Relays), RTU’s (Remote Terminal Units), communications and a SCADA/EMS (Energy Management System).  These items needed to be seamlessly integrated to effectively provide the required control and protection of the primary plant, and therefore the reliable supply of electricity.



Cigre Australia D2 Panel Meeting

The Cigre Australia D2 Panel meeting was held in Perth from 6-8 July 2016, hosted and sponsored by Western Power with the social activities co-sponsored by PSC.

The Cigre D2 Panel's mission is to promote the interchange of technical knowledge, information and experience in the fields of power industry telecommunications, information and telecontrol systems.  PSC's Principal Consultant Victor Tan is the Convenor of the Panel.

Cigre Australia D2 Panel Meeting



PSC provides advice to UK Future Power Systems Architecture Project

The Future Power System Architecture (FPSA) project has explored the functional requirements for the whole UK power system that will be needed by 2030 to respond to a likely transformation in consumer needs, the way in which electricity supply and demand are balanced, and the potential electrification of much of the energy currently delivered to the point of end use as oil and gas fuels.

The FPSA project was commissioned by DECC (UK Governments Department of Energy and Climate Change) and undertaken through a collaboration between the IET and the Energy Systems Catapult.  It identified 35 new and enhanced functions that will be required to make the future, low carbon, power system work in the face of transformative change and used these as the basis of its findings and recommendations. 


PSC at EEA 2016

PSC was a proud exhibitor and sponsor at the Electricity Engineers' Association 2016 conference which was held in Wellington, New Zealand in June.

PSC at EEA 2016

Following on from the success of ‘Project e-tron’ launched at last year’s EEA Conference showcasing PSC’s solar powered car solution, PSC has advanced the development of its DER technology to include industrial solar installations that enable PSC’s hybrid Electric Vehicle (EV) to be fully charged using 100% solar energy resources.



PSC Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

PSC is pleased to introduce PSC DER. Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is about the aggregation and control of distributed energy generation, demand and storage.  This includes:

  • Generation: solar (PV), wind, fuel cell, co-gen, diesel
  • Energy storage and efficiency
  • Electric vehicles
  • Demand response
  • Local management Micro grids



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